The Great Vie Di Romans Vertical Tasting


With this email we would like to invite you for a unique Vie di Romans tasting on April 25 in restaurant Entrepot.

The wines of Vie di Romans have been among the very best white wines in Italy for decades. SInce more than 40 years, Gianfranco Gallo and his wife have been running the famous Friulian winery. During this period, they have developed the characteristic style and have continued to expand and perfect the wine making over the years. In recent years, the children have gradually been prepared and given an increasingly important role in the family business.

The 60 hectares of vineyards are located in the easternmost part of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, in the Isonzo Valley. The vineyards here benefit from special climatic conditions in which the Mediterranean climate of the Adriatic Sea in the south meets the subalpine climate of the mountains in the north. The soil is a complex collection of native soils, remains of the moraines of glaciers from different ice ages and alluvial soils, left behind by the river. These unique soil compositions provide a wide range of different expressions. Each vineyard is vinified separately to preserve the purest expression of the terroir. Since the 2016 vintage,  the different plots with their own microclimate have been bottled separately within  the vineyards and released in the “Climat” line.

On Tuesday 25th of April we’ll receive the new generation of Vie di Romans, who have joined the company in recent years, in Restaurant Entrepot in Amsterdam. They will tell you all about the unique properties of the soils, the climate, the vinification, the vintages and the crus.

Vertical tasting
Verkerk and Vie di Romans have been working together closely for years. In this period we gathered quite a collection of old vintages of Vie di Romans. For this event we are taking several older vintages from our private cellar to look back into the past. Never before have we had so many different vintages of the Friulian winery on the tasting table. We would like to let you taste the great potential of the wines of Vie di Romans.

TIME: 12:00 TO 15:00

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